1. ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS – LEAD targets a blend of investment alternatives that generate social change alongside investor returns. Through deep due diligence and skilled analysis, LEAD ensures that investment capital is made to work hardest where it is needed most.
    LEAD recognizes that to drive social change in the segments of our economy that most need transformation, an innovative approach is required. By stepping away from the exhausted formats that until now have defined the response to these needs, we know with absolute conviction that it is possible to deliver a meaningful investment solution that delivers focused impact in areas that demonstrate an authentic and urgent need for capital.
  2. B-BBEE COMPLIANCE – Ongoing amendments to the B-BBEE Codes places continual pressure on measured entities to achieve compliance and retain their B-BBEE status level. Often requiring specialised resources, this exercise is complex, demanding substantial management time and focus. The LEAD ESD Fund delivers a simple, coherent solution that achieves transformation and social impact whilst also enhancing shareholder value. Measured entities are now able to convert their ESD compliance from an annual income statement expense that negatively impacts shareholder value, into a once-off balance sheet investment that delivers compliance at no cost, whilst simultaneously generating measurable social impact.
  3. SCALING SOCIAL INNOVATION – LEAD through its New Pathways Fund aims to meet a large funding gap for early stage impact ventures, that are typically too risky or too small in investment size, to be of interest to traditional institutional investors in South Africa. In partnership with Impact Amplifier, a well-established accelerator and advisory firm, our mission is to scale these early stage impact ventures by utilizing a combination of capital and capacity.

    The entrepreneurs we support demonstrate high potential to generate social and / or environmental impact through their innovative, profitable and scalable solutions. Through financing tailored to each entrepreneur, we seek to boost the growth of their companies and thus catalyse their impact. LEAD is therefore responding to a range of socio-economic and environmental mega-trends both in South Africa, Africa and the rest of the planet.

    By finding the most talented early stage, post revenue companies and scaling them we are building a pipeline of impact investments that can access commercial capital from larger institutional investors. In this way we play a vital role in the scalability and sustainability of these conscious entrepreneurs who through their awareness will play a positive and inclusive role in the development of our continent.