A perfect storm is characterised by powerful converging forces, which if measured individually would be far less powerful than their collective force.

In South Africa we have a toxic combination of systemic inequality, anaemic economic growth and civil unrest that has created our own perfect storm. Of the total population:

live below the poverty line (R1200 per month)
0 %
are food insecure
0 %
of people in cities live in informal housing
0 %
of the population complete high school
0 %
complete tertiary education
0 %
of our youth are unemployed
0 %

LEAD Impact Capital believes that private sector social enterprises hold the greatest potential for unlocking long term, sustainable solutions to the above systemic inequalities.

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COVID-19 has exacerbated existing systemic inequalities, potentially pushing an additional half a billion people into poverty and regressing global development by more than 3 decades..

This, together with the catastrophic failure in South Africa of the public sector and civil society to provide for the most basic needs of low-income communities creates an urgent need for crafting solutions to this crisis.

LEAD offers a cohesive solution to investors and SMEs that addresses this crisis. It follows a fund approach to scaling early stage, innovative and commercially viable social impact ventures in South Africa, by providing affordable loan capital, that is sufficiently risk tolerant to post revenue early-stage social enterprises, seeking between R1m – R10m.

This new fund management model draws on the decade long experience in impact investing and Enterprise Development of LEAD.